Well hello there and welcome to this hot mess of a space.

My name is Amy and I swear a lot. As the tag line says.. Sometimes you need to say Fuck It and keep it moving. I always think that if I ever become rich and famous and Andy Cohen wants to hire me on one of his many housewives’ shows that would probably be my tag line while holding my middle finger in the air.

Blogging is such a new and weird way of cheap therapy for me and to have you here and inside my inner thoughts is both terrifying and somewhat soothing. Soothing I guess to feel that I’m not alone and just possibly others that are having a hard day can come and see we all have THOSE type of days.

Like everyone, I have had my fair share of ups and downs in life. Child of divorce, a failed marriage, medical issues, domestic violence survivor and flat broke. Opening up about all of those things will be tough but what is tougher is holding them all inside. Even though this is my blog and safe space I hope to have the dialogue open and we can all learn from each other.

I so have to mention this too.. I actually had a dream last night that all of us decided to scream FUCK at the top of our lungs every Monday at 4pm. Why I have no idea but the cool thing was that when we all did it it got picked up on that earthquake shaking thing. We moved fucking mountains. It was weird but I woke up feeling kind of good and thinking…if we all are in this together then we can totally make shit happen.