To that I scream a loud HELL NO!!!!

I know there are distinct holidays and each one should be celebrated accordingly but damn if I don’t love a good Christmas tub opening and putting up all my favorite things.

Recently Mariah Carey showed us her smashing pumpkins that said it’s not time…letting us know it IS FREAKING TIME. Get that shit out of the garage and put up your lights with pride people.

My favorite thing to do is pull out all the things I so sadly had to put away last year. I crank on our fake fireplace and put on a cheesy in a good way Hallmark movie. Make a cup of my favorite holiday blend coffee with peppermint creamer and get to work. This year I am in a smaller temp housing situation so I can’t go all out but in Christmas’s of yore I have been known to have like 5 to 6 trees. Why not have one in EVERY DAMN ROOM! You want a tree in the kitchen?..Cool. Want to fall asleep with the twinkly lights by your bed?..I got you girl, let’s get that tree in your bedroom. Do you feel like you just can’t go to the bathroom without a mini tree on the counter..Ok, I would want my guest to feel comfortable so let’s do it. Bottom line, Christmas used to take up pretty much my whole garage space.

Don’t get me started on the villages. OMG the mini house villages. This is where I shine people. If I have the space, a freaking Christmas town will be born. Snow, lights, mini people and dogs. I live for this shit. I would usually pick up a few new ones at after Christmas day sales along with whatever else I could find. If you see a fuzzy baby deer with a buffalo plaid pattern I mean you just can’t leave it at the store when it’s 75% off. That’s just silly.

I am fortunate enough to have a partner that loves Christmas too but if Buddy the Elf was single I would totally make a play for him. My guy just nods and says ok when I ask him to take the FULL day to bring in the Christmas stuff and dump it in the living room. He knows it’s game time and makes a drop off and gets out of the way. Lights, Trees, Villages, Stockings and whatever else I can throw out I will. Half way through the day I will need to make a Target run for coffee and because I need a ribbon for this, and some extra fake snow for that. It has to look amazing before I put the tubs back in the garage. I can at least put the empty less heavy ones back. I’m a team player after all.

Then let’s get into the movies, concert specials, the tree lighting and having my car set on the XM Christmas channel from NOW until they take it away from me kicking and screaming. Maybe there have been times I have been belting out Christmas jams at a red light. The scrooges come out with those dirty looks. My new obsession though is the ABC show Christmas Light Fight. If you haven’t seen it you need to get on board. They basically have two families that are obsessed with Christmas and they pair them up against each other to see who has the most Christmas cheer. Like these guys go all out. Look at some of these pics…I would totally die of happiness and die from my power bill. But so worth it.

I’m also that girl that gets Amazon alerts on all things Christmas. I have a few things on my list. Because my life is not complete without a life-size Grinch in my living room. I HAVE TO HAVE IT. Here he is below in all his green glory.

Do you and your family have any traditions you do each year? When I was younger our family had a Christmas eve ritual. We would have our amazing dinner cooked my my grandmother. She would be in the kitchen all day making everyone favorite dishes. Then we would sit down to eat around 6ish. Clearing the table, washing dishes and putting everything away was torture for a kid. We didn’t open anything until everything was done. Time moved so slow back in the day:) Once everyone was full and had drinks and got into comfy pj’s it was my time to shine. I was an only child AND grandchild when I was little so my job was to hand out the gifts. One by one I would deliver the gifts to everyone. It seemed we always had to sit in the same spots each year. Once all the gifts were handed out it was GO TIME. Our tradition was youngest to oldest is how we opened gifts. Thank god I was always the youngest since it was pure torture not to get those bad boys opened. One by one I would rip open everything. Someone was always writing down what the gift was and who it was from so we could send thank you cards later. Once I was done it always went to the next youngest. But honestly what did I care.. I was surrounded by toys and didn’t give a shit what was happening next. I was in full play mode. My poor grandfather always sat there patient and waiting. He always went last but all he ever wanted was anything with a Minnesota Viking logo on it. SKOL!

I am not naïve that the holidays can be a tough time for many. Losing loved one, financial hardships and worrying about food insecurity and making magic for the kiddos in your life. Being alone and far from loved ones. As much as I’m blessed I know things can be hard. Just wanted to remind everyone that so many things can happen in ones life that can take a downturn. If you are able, let’s all reach out and spread a little cheer in our own communities and quite possibly make a Christmas unforgettable for someone that could use a little bit of holiday magic.

I’d love to hear about your own traditons and maybe we can start some new ones.

This really is a magical time. Let’s enjoy and spread cheer to others this holiday season.



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  1. November for me is this transitional period between autumn and Christmas. The weather and nature is still autumnal, and so is my mood! So I leave all my autumn decorations until December 1. But I already start my christmas shopping, listen to christmas songs or watch movies to get slowly excited for the holidays!♥️

    • I’m right along with you sister. I’m still knee deep in Pumpkin Spice and all things Fall. But I live in Colorado and we are in show season and it just SCREAMS Christmas. I’m totally happy with both though.

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