So I did it guys..I actually set up a blog and all the backend things that go along with it. I am crushing the internet! Bezos, Musk, Gates you better watch out. I’m actually pretty proud of myself only because the tech side of things has never been something that comes easy but damn it I did it and only cried once.

I’m actaully really excited to get this out to the world because for so long I have been wanting a place to just chat and get the feelings out of all my random thoughts. There has been so much that hasn’t been unpacked and maybe, just maybe getting it out there will help me and possibly someone reading and understanding too. I am by no means a therapist and up until this point have handled situations so wrong in the past. Never really dealing with what was wrong but sweeping it under the rug. To my close friends that know everything I thank them with my life. I really do. It’s never been easy for me to open up when things are bad. So saying things out load has helped be get used to the feeling of being uncomfortable and vocalizing it.

I know this is technically my space online but I am actually hoping to make this about all of us. To learn from each other and share things that work and major fails so we can all have a laugh (with you not at you of course).

We have a few different ways to connect. You can for sure comment down below and get our conversations started. Or if you just need an ear on a private level I’m happy to listen. You can email us at I promise to respond. Facebook, Intsagram and Twitter too. I will always send the latest post to socail media along with my random crazy comments that pop in from time to time.

I may not be for everyone but I’m here if needed. I just know how isolating it can be when you feel alone. Let’s change that.


Let's Discuss!