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So it’s Sunday and I’m a DIE HARD football fan. The Minnesota Vikings are my team and through ups and down I’ll ride or die.

But Over the last few months I have been loving these NFL PSA’S with active players talking about struggles with mental health. When you think the rough and outthought game of football you really have not seen many come forward with the struggles controlling fears and sadness. It’s for sure not typical. Speaking out on your internal fears, loneliness, depression , anxiety and panic attacks can be considered a weakness and could be exploited. Most never come forward to get the help they need because of this very reason.

We have all seen the news stories over the past years surrounding domestic violence and CTE brain disorders. They have not been pretty. Just a few weeks ago a former player threw his baby’s mother across the room into a TV. Link is below with video but trigger warning for sure.


The NFL for sure has had some ugly bumps but I do appreciate the effort they are making to normalize the conversation to the fans and in particular the younger fans. These guys speaking out have a HUGE platform and I applaud the courage they have for speaking openly about it know the stigma it still has.

Due to copywrites I’m not allowed to play the PSA’s here on the blog but you have time look for them on Youtube. They are super easy to find.

The list includes:

Joey Bosa from the Los Angeles Chargers- Joey is talking about how he always put his physical health first but is now starting to work on mental health as well.

Soloman Thomas from The Las Vegas Raiders- Soloman has experienced the loss of his sister by suicide and has struggled with the sadness.

Hayden Hurst from the Atlanta Falcons- Hayden discusses how he has been struggling with depression and anxiety for years.

and DJ Clark from the Jacksonville Jaguars. He talks about having bouts of panic and fear.

The NFL and the NFL players Association have both confirmed they do offer mental health services to the players and front office staff but they vary from team to team. Some go all out like the Indianapolis Colts to having very little resources.

Get what the Colts are doing..


They have launched a full fledge campaign dedicated to mental health. Donated funds stick close to home which makes sense but this is yet again another way to reach a huge platform to normalize the conversation which is important. They are Kicking the Stigma indeed.

Ok that is all for now because Football has officially started and my Vikes are playing the Lions today. #SKOL



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