Hey all,

Most days I go about my day and living life and think..ok I have food, a roof over my head and I’m not walking around naked so I have to be doing ok right? RIGHT!?!?!?!

Then other days I see or do something for others and I’m like where did I go so wrong. HAHAHAHA.

For the last 20 years I have worked in the VIP sports realm and now I work in VIP hospitality. I could totally write a book on things I’ve seen or things I’ve had to do for people. Sneaking girlfriends past wives at football games, adding a bit more vodka into an owners “water cup”, going to pick up a diamond ring from a jeweler that costs maybe 10 years of my salary along with a necklace for the girlfriend AND wife. All I can say is cheating is SUPER expensive.

Don’t get me wrong I love the people that I have worked with in the past and have been rewarded very generously for it. Lots of thanks you and birthday cards and lots of bottle of boozed have been sent my way. So that part is fantastic, but I am human and sometimes I get requests that are a just a bit wonky. Like WTF?

Today I learned that a cat has a better life than me no matter how hard I try. I will call her Boo Boo kitty. Boo Boo Kitty’s family called me this morning and requested I book Miss Thang a private car from the airport to their vacation cabin in Aspen. The family flew private they had their own car and Boo Boo got it’s own car following them. Not only did Boo Boo kitty get it’s own private car but the radio had to be set to NPR due to the calming effect AND the driver had to pull over a few times to pet it and give it treats for it’s anxiety. An this my friends is why I’m doing life wrong.



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