VULGAR SLANG•US noun: shit show

  1. a situation or event marked by chaos or controversy.
  2. my life

Hey all,

I totally felt like I had to start my first blog post with what I say almost daily. It could be about me or others, but let’s face it..we all love a good shit show. That’s probably why you are here and why we are going to be best friends. I love you guys already. 

My name is Amy and that’s really all I can tell you for now. I’ll explain more on that in a future post. Unfortunately that’s a shit show that’s not so great but I’ll totally be transparent in due time.

Damn that sounds like an amazing cliffhanger. Crazy woman starts blog and has a mysterious past. Oooh I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

I have wanted to start this project for a while. I’ve been equal parts scared of putting myself out there and just plain life getting in my way. I initially wanted an outlet to get my thoughts out. To feel someone out there, anyone really, could hear me and I’d feel seen and heard. I needed that desperately. I mostly just wrote in a journal but I feel a bit stronger and a tad bit more brave. My guess is there are others like me out there that need an outlet. 

This blog is all about random thoughts, humorous observations, recovery, and lots of shit show topics that sometimes you just have to scream your favorite swear word of choice to get through the day, hour or minute. It’s ok. We are swearing with you. I’m not a professional writer and the grammar police will have a heyday with my writing style I’m sure. I’m just a lady who has gone through some shit and is ready to unpack it all and drink a glass of wine and laugh at funny things. It’s been a long time and I’m ready to get my life back.

Let‘s Fucking Go!



2 Comments on Who doesn’t love a good shit show?

  1. I don’t mind swearing, and I often enjoy a good swear! Sadly, I find many young people in England can no longer hold a conversation that doesn’t include too much swearing. In fact, their conversation is pretty much ALL swearing, punctuated by some people’s names, and the odd words along the lines of ‘Like’, ‘So’, and ‘Really?’
    Many thanks for following my non-swearing blog. 🙂
    (Except in some of my fictional stories, where it is relevant to the character type.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Hi Pete! Sometimes a good swear is just what is needed. I also feel it can be used as overkill too. I can string a good amount together when I drop something though. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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