Hey all and Happy New Year!

For this year I wish you all health, happiness, freedom and strength. let’s make this year the year we put ourselves first if possible and find little ways to make ourselves better. Being in an abusive relationship it may seem impossible but they can’t take everything from you. You still have your mind and soul.

January first for me is probably my favorite day of the year next to Christmas. I love a blank canvas. I love making yearly goals. I love getting a fresh new clean planner and adding all the info I need. I actually start working on my planner the day it comes in the mail. I use The Passion Planner. I’m on my third year now and love it. I can use plenty of pre printed trackers but it has enough bullet journal pages to get creative on my own. I buy the large one and I have so much room to right down everything I need.

Passion Planner

I track everything from my weight, water intake, debt balances, savings, stocks, mileage and whatever else I want to see laid out so I can hit my goals. This year I’m tracking how many miles I’ve walked. My goal is to walk 2022 miles. 5.5 miles a day average. Pretty doable I think.

The other reason I got obsessed with planning everything because it gave me a sense of control. When everything around me was spiraling and someone was controlling me, I could sit at the desk and have pretty pens and see how things are progressing in my yearly goals. Like I said earlier, they can take a lot from you emotionally and physically but you need to still focus on you and to see little achievements helped me so much.

I’ve seen some super elaborate planners and how they get creative for each page. I’m not about all that nor could I even get this to look that pretty. I cheat and have fun with cute stickers, motivational quotes and a good ole fashion gold star for when I complete a task. This year I’m super excited because I found the perfect set of stickers for me.

Not every project goes according to plan. You may miss a goal, forget to do something, gain weight because you decided you had to have Taco Bell at 11pm like your life depended on it. For that I use the Fuck it stickers. These can accurately express my thoughts that a motivational quote ever could. Hell, the name of my blog says it all doesn’t it?

January 1st will always be that day that I have hope and determination and plan what I want my life to look like on Jan 1 the following year. I may not hit everything I set out to do and that’s ok. But do make it a point to pat yourself on the back for the wins to did achieve. That’s important. Don’t focus on the missed goals. Look at the ones you did hit and say “Yes Girl you did that!!”

Ok I’m off to get my planner out and start today off right.

Happy New Year to all and let’s set some pretty amazing goals. You got this!!



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